Day 1, Make, Manage & Master Money Event – Disruptive Entrepreneur Review

6:30AM – Bev, of picks me up.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed on the road to Peterborough we go, chatting, singing and being excited about the event to come.


Bev has been mentally preparing me for this event for months, I’m not going to pretend I even knew (until today) who Rob Moore is and I’ve never read his books or listened to his podcasts.

We arrived at the training suite and it was super busy pushing 250 people at a guess and the first speaker was Raymond who gave us a rundown of what to expect over the weekend and introduced us to the concept of money.

We spot Rob Moore slide slyly into the room and Bev had a slight starstruck moment which is a first for her as she’s met famous film stars on movie sets. I have to admit he is a good looking chap. After he cringes at his own video he gets up on stage and begins teaching us about Leverage and other pro tips for business.  He also gives us the professional insight into podcasting. It is refreshing how Rob is so down to earth, after years of watching Tony Robbins’ over the top Americanised approach.


We’re given a speedy lunch break and I began to feel seriously tired after being up since 5am but we hop straight back into a Social Media talk by Paul O’Mahony. Paul was giving us the low down on the best ways to use social media for business and how to make money from it on each platform.

Raymond enters stage left; discusses Angel Finance and how to get the investment needed and the process of acquiring it for business ventures. He also covered more of his background and family life whilst cracking jokes along the way.

Rob Moore returns to the stage for a Q&A session after changing his t-shirt. And spends about an hour answering questions from the audience.

I can honestly say Day 1 was amazing and I didn’t get bored like I expected too. Rob Moore and his team really encouraged the motivation I already have and I feel excited about tomorrow.

As I write this Bev and I are enjoying a bottle of wine in the hotel bar and speaking about today’s events and future plans.

I wasn’t actually doing Dry January 🥂

If today is anything to go by this event is worth every penny. (I was Bev’s Free +1)

Day 2 review coming soon 💋