Day 2 Make, Manage & Master Money Event – The Disruptive Entrepreneur Review

8AM Mindset Training & Breakfast


Day 2 was my favourite day of this weekend. Even though it was an early start for Mindset it had some of the best information and advice from Raymond (pictured above). Where your mindset should be, who you should and shouldn’t surround yourself with and how to manage your money to ensure you make and save more.
Raymond also covered how to keep accounts balanced super easily and make all your cards into one – technology is amazing!

Session 2 – Crypto-currency

The details of this session are not to be shared but they are not to be missed. I learnt a lot and will be doing some further research to decide where to go with this. In the mean time I am making Sweatcoins – As you walk/Run outside you can earn crypto-currency called Sweatcoins and invite friends and earn even more.
My Link: Sweatcoin App

Session 3 – How to make money on the internet – Simon Coulson

My favourite session of the entire weekend and as soon as I have my other ventures up and running I will be booking on to one of his weekend retreats to learn all of his secrets and tips. Simon really motivated me and made me think completely different about everything I’ve ever done and the knowledge I hold.  Simple Ideas and concepts which I had overlooked and I cannot wait to learn even more from him.

Session 4 – How to Buy & Sell Great Businesses No Money Down

Although this is something I am interested in, for me this is something to pursue in a couple of years. I would love to flip businesses and not even have to use my own to buy them in the first place but make thousands from them a month or so later… who wouldn’t?

– Working Break-
Raymond returned to the stage and made us write down a plan:
What we are going to begin doing this week?
What challenges we may face
What is my Why? think 50 whys deep
Where will  I be in 15 years?
Implications if I don’t do it?

Session 5 – Life Leverage

How to make more from our time so we can do what we want?
She covered; outsourcing, where and who to hire, how to automate processes, apps to use and what you can get staff to do for your business(es)

We had to sadly leave at this point to get back home for a reasonable time. However the final session was:
1-2-1 & Q&A with Rob Moore and Gerald Ratner (billionaire)

Final Round-up:
Did I think I would be bored? Yes
Was I? No
Did I learn new information? Yes
Do I want to go on an additional course? Yes
Has it motivated me? Yes
Have I got new business plans? Yes
Do I now know who Rob Moore is? Definitely
Would I recommend the event? Yes
Would I pay to go to this event? 100%

Additional Advice:
Book in at the Serpentine Premier Inn Hotel as its super close!
Take a New Notebook & Pens (you will make so many notes)
Have Business Cards with you
You do not need to be in business attire
Save up before hand so you can take full advantage of the special offers on the other courses ( big savings on the day of the events)
Take a phone or tablet with a good camera and battery life

Thank you to the entire Progressive Property/The Disruptive Entrepreneur team and to Bev (Mimi and Be – coming soon) for inviting me, I know this year will be interesting and hopefully life changing.

Lets do it!