Jack Frost – Transformation Tuesday

Jack Frost – Transformation Tuesday

One of the most popular transformations I have completed to date was a self paint over the Christmas break. I called my Christmas Series #TwistedChristmas.

Day 1 of Twisted Christmas was transforming myself into Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.

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Source: http://riseoftheguardians.wikia.com/wiki/Jack_Frost

Products Required:
White & Grey/Gray Hair Chalk
White Face Paint (Snazaroo)
Light Blue Face Paint (Snazaroo)
Black Face Paint (Snazaroo)
Nyx White Liquid Liner
Sleek Lifeproof Foundation 01 (mixed with white face paint)
Urban Decay Smoky Palette Eyeshadows
Nyx Brow Gel Chocolate
Tissue Paper
Cotton Wool
Liquid Latex
Fake Blood
2 Twigs – 1 straight & 1 curved
Silver or White Glitter

I started with the thick brows to get the more male shape to them and used the Nyx angled brow brush with the Nyx brow gel to sculpt them into the thick shape.

Next I mixed the Sleek foundation with white face paint and applied with a flat foundation brush then using a beauty blender I blended any streaks out.

Using the Urban Decay smoky palette I used a mix of brown and grey shades to shadow the eyes and contour the cheekbones lightly. Using a brown shade I created frown lines between the brows.

Taking the Nyx white liquid liner I applied in spots down the face and on the lashes and on the lips.

Using a big paint brush I applied the light blue Snazaroo paint down the arms, across the chest and torso and round the base of the neck.

Taking a smaller paint brush I used the black Snazaroo paint to add detail to the clothing, creating seams, a hood and tassels.

Next I used a smaller detail brush to add the frost details and highlights/ stitches to the clothing with the White Snazaroo paint.

Using your ring finger dip it into the white or silver glitter and dab it around the frost on the hoody.

Next for the gore… Taking cotton wool and liquid latex pull a cotton wool ball apart slightly and apply to the forehead and allow to dry. Use scissor to create a small hole for the curved twig to wedge into. To secure apply latex and tissue around the edge and allow to dry. Use foundation and white paint to match skintone then apply liquid fake blood.  Repeat the same steps but with the straight twig near the mouth on the opposite side of the face to give the illusion that Jack has been impaled by his staff.

Using a finger apply fake blood to chin and other side of the mouth and drip down the temple.

Finally apply shading to the neck to give the frosty look.

For the hair dampen with water and rub the white and grey/gray hair chalk all over comb through and dry with the hair dryer.

Take some selfies and then use the Facetune app to make eyes really blue and icy. and to blend the white/silver hair better.

Good Luck and Have Fun…

My Jack Frost Below…





Hair and Make-up Team – Here Comes Hell

Friday 19th January 2018 – Monday 29th January 2018

Charlie and I were lucky enough to be cast as the Hair and Make-up Team for a black and white, 1930’s based horror film.

We arrived at the lakeside lodges and met the cast and crew on the Friday Night and the next day it was a 5am alarm ready to do the hair and make-up of the cast.

I did the Hair and Make-up for the girls, Jess Webber and Margaret Clunie.

Whilst Charlie had the task of hair and make-up for the boys ; Tim Renouf, Charlie Robb & Tom Bailey (Taz) and Maureen.

Shortly after 8am we arrived on location… Revesby Abbey.
Revesby Abbey

This location is a privately owned, beautiful hidden gem in a state of disrepair and is slowly being renovated by the family who own it. It is the perfect location for a horror film.

My daily routine was to wake up, get ready then set up in the kitchen ready for 6am when the girls would come to hair and make up. I’d remove their pincurls which were prepared the night before and style them out and grip and spray the hair into their necessary hairstyles.
Then makeup would begin for Jess it would be
L’oreal Infallible Primer then Infallible Foundation – Porcelain
MUA contour – cheekbones, jaw and temples/forehead
L’oreal Blush
Laroc Eyeshadow palette we’d use medium browns in the crease
Sleek Brow Kit would then be used to fill in her natural brows
Collection 2000 Waterproof Mascara would be coated on the top and bottom lashes
Sleek Red Lipstick would be applied last

For the last few days of filming I also had to build a bruise with the bruised willis palette.
Behind the Scenes - Jess keeping warm in the green room


Margaret’s Routine was different as she required heavier makeup and more complex hair for her role
L’oreal Infallible Primer then Infallible Foundation – Porcelain
MUA contour – cheekbones and temples/forehead
L’oreal Blush
Laroc Eyeshadow palette we’d use dark browns in the crease
Nyx Epic Liner – winged liner
Natural False Lashes applied with Duo Glue
Sleek Brow Kit would then be used to fill in her natural brows
Collection 2000 Waterproof Mascara would be coated on the top and bottom lashes
Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry Lipstick

This was later in filming when her hair didn’t need to be pinned to the side anymore

For One Day Margaretwas transformed into a possessed version of her character so heavier makeup was used to sculpt her face and of course fake blood was needed.

With the early starts and the late nights prepping hair we had to sleep when we could, so we had our walkie talkie to be called to set for checks but would take power naps when we could in the green room and try to keep warm.

The hours were long but so rewarding to get to see our work on the rush’s at then end of the day. The food was incredible thanks team!

I honestly had one of the best 10 nights of my life it was hilarious but returning home and getting a nice hot bath was lush!

Here is Charlie and I’s final wrap picture ❤

We had one day off to rest up before we returned to college classes.

Thank you to all the Here Comes Hell Cast & Crew for making my first Film Set Experience so positive and amazing. I cannot wait for the premiere.