Transformation Thursday

A lot has changed these past few months, I cut my hair into a stylish pixie cut and joined the Strands Hair Lounge Team as a Hairstylist and Make Up Artist.

Last week my fabulous boss Adelle transformed my hair from box dyed brunette to a rose gold metallic wonder and I LOVE IT ❤

The process:
Step 1. bleach the ends where the box dye remained
Step 2. Bleach my natural roots
Step 3. Rinse and Shampoo
Step 4. Apply Rose Gold Wella Olaplex
Step 5. Rinse, Double Shampoo and Condition
Step 6. Trim and Reshape
Step 7. Add Styling Mousse
Step 6. Blowdry with a round brush for volume
Step 7. Styling Wax and Hairspray

I have never been more obsessed with a hair colour than this one. It changes depending on the light I am and looks so healthy and shiny.

Who else wants Unicorn Hair?

Thank you, Adelle!


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