Leeds Pride – Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Sunday 6th August 2017

9am alarm, quick shower, time to “paint” the face, pick out the outfit, order brunch, get dressed, new Timberlands on, denim jacket ready, card and ID, headphones, Spotify pride playlist loaded, selfie time…
Walk to Cookridge Street.

As I approach The Headrow I see a variety of brightly coloured outfits, made up faces, pride flags and hear the music starting to pump up from Millenium Square. I pushed my anxiety aside and had decided to go to Pride alone (this is a big thing for me I don’t really go anywhere alone).

2PM I found a good spot and the parade began to fill up the street. It was a buzzing atmosphere, great floats, amazing outfits, people of every age, race and social group were lining the streets around central Leeds to watch and show their support for diversity within our society. Leeds is such a diverse and exciting city and it really showed as people cheered on the various groups in the parade.

From live streaming on the Glitter Makes It Better FB Page to streaming on my personal FB and taking a ton of pictures my phone was low on battery; time to head to Carphone Warehouse and get a battery to charge the phone up.
Battery bought, head on down to the street party.

Here it is again that overwhelming feeling of dread, welcome to anxiety, just as it was starting to build up, I run into a girl from work and it eases somewhat; she invites me with her and her friends and the rest of the day was spent with a few drinks, dancing and on fairground rides. Videos below…

So after the anxiety and build up that my mind had created, it was one of the best days of the year and my first Pride in Leeds.

Thank you Leeds Pride 2017 you were spectacular ❤



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